Mobipocket Conversion

Why the Mobipocket format?

The Mobipocket format is an easy to handle structure, enabling a multi-platform handling of almost the entire PDA/Smartphone market. Mobipocket is a reference platform, a standard base for ebooks and also for the PC and the tablet Pc.

Why is the Mobipocket so popular?

This is because this format is compliant to open standards, like Javascript, XHTML and OEB. It is also fully secure, due to the ingrained Mobipocket DRM server that helps to provide live features for the Library market.

Moreover, it has been designed to align with reference and complex content, through supporting Javascript, HTML submission, indexes and SQL queries, frames support, superior compression and many other features.

Publishers from all over the world trust the Mobipocket format; in fact it is used for very complex medical, reference content too.

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More than 500 publishers have already published over 27,000 titles, including very complex medical & reference content and trust the Mobipocket format.

When we help you create and build Mobipocket eBook files, we make sure we use tools in current use in the market, like the Mobipocket Creator Home Edition, a graphical application that allows you to create or assemble content for personal use, or the Mobipocket Creator Publisher Edition, that include the encryption levels required by eBookbase, with an integrated "deploy" feature that will automatically upload and update books in the database, and a metadata editor along with the facility for a PDF import.

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