eBook Conversion

ebooktoepub.com is an eBook Conversion Services provider which offers great value to your book and has immense experience on what the readers taste is. We can convert books from format like MS Word, PDF, Adobe Indesign, HTML to Kindle, ePub, Mobipocket and many other formats.  eBook Conversion requires experts to hand craft ebooks in fine-looking readable formats. Simply converting a book from one format to another is not enough if the book does not possess suitable design and styling.

After years of experience in ebook conversion process, we came to know that file formats we receive for conversion from clients are not consistent. Many publishes use Adobe InDesign, Quark while authors and writers user MS Word, Apple pages or different text editor. The file’s we receive vary from one author or publisher to another and working with them, improves our experience handling different file formats.

Regardless of the file formats, complexity does exist in designing the structure when we are to convert the book into XHTML format. Fiction books turn out to be less time consuming, if they don’t have any formatting issues or images, while non-fiction takes a while. Our eBook design and conversion service process takes all above issues into account. To maintain client’s requirement and keeping the cost at minimal we offer a Free Trail, through which client’s can review the final product before hand and obtain a competitive quote.

What will you get?

Before considering ebooktoepub.com as your ebook conversion services partner, it is important to notice what you will get in return. We intensively focust on Quality, Service, Design and Formats.


We are not just an eBook Conversion company, but are also a known ebook design company at publishing industry. On a regular basis we consult with companies having issues converting various file formats and focus on complex eBook projects. Our conversion process is not based on any software or tool, but we build them from scratch and cook them to desired format. To ensure our converted books are accepted by book retailers, all ebooks are created at high industry standards, tested with ePubCheck and various ebook validation tools.


Customer always comes first and we are always available to listen to clients need and requirement by responding to emails personally. If you have a complex book and are worried about how it would look in different ebook formats, we will be more than happy to help.


eBooks we create are no text versions of the book, but are fully functionally and accepted on eBook platforms. The final eBook we deliver includes;


There are two major eBook formats Amazon Kindle/Mobipocket and ePub which are read by all major devices. We do not use any automated tool to do our conversions. All eBooks we create are built from scratch, maintaining the quality and design.

What will it cost?

ebook Conversion rates start from as low as US$ 0.12 per page and increases depending upon complexity of the book. For more details on costs visit our pricing page. Alternatively you can send an email at info@ebooktoepub.com to receive a fixed competitive quote.

Conversion Process